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This is the first course in our Energy Champion series:
How to Have Constructive Conversations About Energy, the most effective energy ambassador material…

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What you’ll learn

Your employees will get access to hours of video and a year-long email series that covers:

1. The Unique Benefits of Fossil Fuels

  • Energy as a life-and-death need
  • Energy as only valuable to the extent that it is cheap, plentiful, and reliable
  • The fossil fuel industry as the only industry that can produce cheap, plentiful, reliable energy on a scale of billions
  • Oil as the best source of portable power
  • How the fossil fuel industry produces a caliber of synthetic materials that cannot be matched by any industry

2. Concerns About the Fossil Fuel Industry

  • The catastrophic climate change concern
  • The catastrophic pollution concern
  • The catastrophic depletion concern

3. Energy Policy

  • Freedom from endangerment.
  • Freedom to develop
  • Freedom to compete

4. The Constructive Conversation Formula

  • Express eagerness
  • Focus on the decision question
  • Agree on the goal
  • Agree on the process
  • Summarize your evaluation
  • Explain the opposition
  • Reinforce using responses
  • Recommend a great resource

Engaging Content

“How to Talk to Anyone About Energy” is designed to appeal to every learning style. You’ll have access to:

7 animated videos

7 animated videos highlighting the key concepts you need to become an energy champion.


20 slideshow videos providing an in-depth education in the moral case for fossil fuels and the art of constructive conversation.


A text-based email version of the course broken up into 50 weekly lessons.


  • What is a concrete example of how more expensive energy hurts human well-being?
  • What are some positive impacts of energy on our environment?
  • In your own words, explain how technology can help us reduce pollution.

Each lesson includes exercises with employees receiving individualized feedback from our team.

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Energy Champion Live A one-day training program taught live by Alex Epstein. Includes lifetime access to the Energy Champion online course. PRICE: Contact us at


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you can also customize our Energy Champion Online or Energy Champion Live courses


  • Company-specific material
  • Your top policy issues
  • Regular content updates to reinforce the training
  • Follow-up live presentations or Q&As by Alex Epstein
  • Anything else that will make our material more valuable to your employees

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